White Oak Baskets




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Basket Making Process

Bobby and Mik demonstrating at Rugby Craft Fair

To make a good basket, first you need good wood. We get our wood from the woods near our home. Often it takes several hours to select a white oak tree that can be used to make baskets. After the tree has been selected, we cut it down with an ax. The tree is then split using an ax, wedges and a maul.

The process of white oak basket making is done entirely by hand using a few hand tools such as a knife, a fro and a maul. The tree is processed by hand into splints, handles and a rim.

Bobby weaving a ribbed basket

It takes several hours to make a good basket. Often twenty hours or more is spent to make a "rib basket." We never consider the time it takes to make a basket. Our concern is to make the best basket possible.

As you look at the baskets we have made, enjoy them and remember they represent part of our past which is being preserved. We hope to help preserve the fading art of basket making for the next generation.